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Calculation Notes:

Attendance totals were derived from calculations using Ticketmaster ticket sales maps for applicable venue.
For total revenue lost calculations, venue concession sales were not considered.

The University of Memphis Tiger football program charges $20 per car for parking at the Fairgrounds. Using an estimate of four people per car, a parking fee of $40,000 would be generated for the concert.

An applicable venue normally collects a negotiated percentage of artist merchandise sold during the performance. State and local sales taxes are also charged on the merchandise sold. Percentage collected on merchandise sold at arena-sized venues generally ranges from 15% 35%. The Wall Street Journal has stated that country star Kenny Chesney generates $8   $12 per head on merchandise sold. For this concert, a 25% merchandise fee and $8 per head sales amount will be used for calculations.

The venue also charges the concert promoter a rental fee and in some cases, a variable percentage of the total gross tickets sold. The average cost of renting a arena-sized venue is $20,000.

Kenny Chesney
BankPlus Amphitheater at Snowden Grove 
Event Date:  July 29, 2015
Seats Price Gross Revenue
Pit 400 115.30 46,120.00
Lower Level 1,267 115.30 146,085.10
Upper Level 2,673 109.65 293,094.45
Lawn 7,000 58.00 406,000.00
Total 11,340 891,299.55
NOTE:  Seating excludes 14 season ticket box sections in the lower level and 6 in the Upper Level
Prices in Pit Section range from $115.30 to $604. 
Lower and Upper Levels were sold out as of May 31. Assumption is made that both the Pit and Lawn sections will
 also be sold out for performance.
City & State Sales Tax Lost: $82,445.21
Venue Rental 20,000.00
Merchandise Percentage 22,680.00
Merchandise Sales Tax 2,097.90
Parking Revenue 40,000.00
Total Revenue Lost: $167,223.11