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Elvis & The Beatles: Common Concert Venues 

During their respective careers, Elvis Presley and The Beatles performed at 15 common venues.  Surprisingly, 11 of those venues are still in existence.  Only the Mid-South Coliseum in Elvis’ hometown of Memphis is currently not in operations. The average age of the 11 remaining structures is 69 years old.

So much for the argument about the Mid-South Coliseum being too old and out of date.


Baltimore Civic Center (opened in 1962 and still in use)

Boston Gardens (opened in 1928 and demolished in 1998)

Chicago’s International Amphitheatre (opened in 1934 and demolished in 1999)

Cincinnati Gardens (opened in 1949 and still in use)

Cleveland Public Auditorium (opened 1922 and still in use)

Dallas Memorial Auditorium (opened in 1958 and still in use)

Detroit’s Olympia Stadium (opened in 1927 and demolished in 1987)

Indianapolis Fairgrounds Coliseum (opened in 1939 and still in use)

Memphis Mid-South Coliseum (Opened in 1964 and not in operations)

Milwaukee Arena (Opened in 1950 and still in use)

New York’s Ed Sullivan Theatre (opened in 1927 and still in use)

Pittsburg Civic Center (opened in 1961 and demolished in 2012)

San Francisco’s Cow Palace (opened in 1941 and still in use)

Seattle Center Coliseum (opened in 1960 and still in use)

Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens (opened in 1931 and still in use)